Two Years, Five Continents, Zero Emissions

People will tell you that your dreams are too far fetched, just as they will tell you that daily life, let alone travel to far flung places, requires planes, trains, and automobiles. Just shows how wrong some people can be.

Tim Harvey hasn't burned ANY fossil fuels, or caused ANY carbon emissions, in over TWO YEARS!! He has accomplished this while circumnavigating our planet. In an effort to raise awareness about global climate change and promote a greener future, Tim Harvey and friends are attempting to circle the globe, Vancouver to Vancouver(B.C.) on his bike, supplemented with any other means of travel that doesn't result in burning oil, gas, or coal. He has rowed across the Bering Strait survived frostbite on the Siberian tundra, armed melita in Columbia, and rough seas on the Atlantic on his way around the globe. He has seen some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and met with kindred spirits around the world. He's made it to the last leg of the tour, pedaling with his brother and another friend into Mexico on his way back to Vancouver.

He has a weblog chronicles his harrowing stories is replete with incredible photos and humor, heres a brief excerpt:

"It began as a dream to adventure by zero-emission means: Vancouver to Moscow by human power. The dream then grew - to circle the world without fossil fuels. It is taking over two years, on a route across five continents and two oceans, an epic of frostbite, blizzards, bandits and high seas storms. Now on the home stretch, journalist-filmmaker Tim Harvey brings you along as he slogs for a cause - a greener future where all of us burn fewer fossil fuels."

So, the next time someone tells you that you cant get there by bike, or that the route to your dream is too far, refer them to Tim ~and remember,you can get there from here.

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