New Blog ~a MUST Read

It has been a long a weary-making day here, and I can guaran-damn-tee you that you don't wanna hear about it. So, let me instead direct you to two bloggers who are rocking my world and moving me to tears. It is not lighter reading, but well worth checking out

First, go check out TellItLikeItIs , I swear to Gia it is one one of the best blogs I have yet come across, possibly one of the best sites on the web period. At the risk of sounding terribly corny, let me say that this site gives me hope. Perhaps it is not even 'hope', Derrick Jensen makes a compeling argument against hope , per se. Let me say, then, that I am motivated and moved to action by this site, spurred on by the compelling writing, in depth research, and thoughtful and engaging perspectives on nearly every issue related to sustainability `and so much more!. So check it out.
Also, check this recent piece by Tuco. One of the latest in a long line of amazing, poetic and powerful observations about the world, it says so much of what I have wanted to say, but could not find the words for. Tuco has found the words, and delivered them with such terrible beauty it has been haunting me since I first read it.

Your regularly scheduled chronicles of bikes, and others cycles of sustainability, will resume soon


curt said...

I thank you sincerely for your compliments...also I will check out what Tuco has to say. You got it goin' on! :-)

cyclingdave said...

thanks for sharing curt's blog. there is a lot there. tuco's blog is somewhere that i drop in daily.

Rebecca said...

I started my fall classes this week, including one called Environmental Alteration that has a big focus on the concept of sustainability, so it's been much in my mind lately (just check out my latest post if you want proof). It's good to visit your blog as a reminder I'm not the only person in the world who cares.

The most interesting thing I learned this week is that meat production is really bad for the environment. I thought people just became vegetarians because they thought it was healthier or they didn't like killing animals. Who knew?

griffin said...

Hey Curt, the praise is well deserved. It is exciting to see this growing network of folk focused on these issues and engaged in the conversation.
Rebecca, you are so, soo right about the detrimental impacts of meat! Just say NO!! ;)
It does bring up an issue for folks trying to eat local, especially folks doing the 100 mile diet: not everyone lives within 100 miles of a tofu producer (and even if it is produced locally, the soybean my have been shipped in from a million miles away), and the excess packaging surrounding setan is just despicable! For myself, I think the impact of meat far out weighs tofu transport miles. It's great to hear that there are classes on these issues
Dave, thanks for visiting my blog, I am a huge Tuco fan :)

zilla said...

Curt's blog is both informative and well written, even when he occasionally gets excited and uses the eff word :-) I just wish wordpress blogs were easier to comment to.

Tuco said...




griffin said...

Tuco, you are silly, and far too modest. It's a damn fine piece, I had been working on something vaguely similar (same general idea) but, like Pablo Neruda, I too often find myself reduced to sobbing "come see the blood in the streets". How is it that they do not see the blood in the streets?
It was a privileged to be able to direct others to something that articulated the ideas so well.
Ditto on TellItLikeItIs.