"Watch this Space"

I am pleased to announce that rumors of my death are greatly exagerated.
My computer, however, did have a fatal collaps, taking with it all my passwords, etc. So even after replacing my laptop, I have been unable to log into my own blog. grr.

Much news, changes and what-not to follow, but for the moment I am typing this during a class, just to say "watch this space", I'm back and theres more good stuff to come. New Wheels, new ideas, new perspectives, new life in the coming spring.


Excuse #1

As National Bike Month (May) approaches, I have been asking folks I know who don't commute by bike for the reasons and challenges that keep them from doing so. Over the coming month I will site them, in no particular order, along with some solutions.

Excuse #1 I Couldn't Possibly Bike Commute: I Need To Look Professional at Work.

There are easily half a dozen solutions to this, possibly more:

A Bike Bucket will hold approximately 3 complete changes of clothes, for your day at work/school you will need approximately one change of clothes

“But I don't HAVE Bike Buckets”

ok thats just lame. For less than $10 you can make a pair of buckets (DIY instructions coming soon); for less than the cost of a tank of gas you could buy a pair of buckets, a basket, or a rear rack.

or . . .

Depending on how prim and proper you need to look, you could also carry a change in your bag or back pack

or . . .

You can keep changes of clothes at work/school. Hang a garment bag on the back of your office door or in your locker.

or . . .

For that matter you can reconsider whether you need a change of clothes: I rarely bother with a change of clothes. I wear light layers, adjusting so that I feel just a wee bit cool as I ride, and find that I generally don't break a sweat. Use antiperspirant, and keep some on hand at work/school as well.

You can do this , people!

"Looking prim and propper in rout to work"
(photo credit: Community Cycling Center's Worst Day of The Year Ride)


She's got no car!

I have friends who have begun introducing me as "This is Kyrstin:she doesn't have a car", almost like a modern variation of "dances-with-wolves". I suppose it's a refreshing change from having my whole identity be, apparently, “The Boy's Mom”, but I'm not sure my lack of car is as defining as all that. I have yet to achieve full car freedom, and even if I had, my real goal is to live a sustainable and rewarding life. Cycling is a big part of that goal, but it is a far cry from being the whole kit-and-caboodle

Perhaps it's the new moniker, or just because I love a challenge, anyway I am going to begin an experiment to see how long I can go without getting in a car. They say you are defined by what you cant give up, so I guess I'll see how well I do giving up cars, and how long I can make it last. Sunday is the start of the week, start of daylight savings time and start of the new quarter --what better time to start the experiment.