Excuse #1

As National Bike Month (May) approaches, I have been asking folks I know who don't commute by bike for the reasons and challenges that keep them from doing so. Over the coming month I will site them, in no particular order, along with some solutions.

Excuse #1 I Couldn't Possibly Bike Commute: I Need To Look Professional at Work.

There are easily half a dozen solutions to this, possibly more:

A Bike Bucket will hold approximately 3 complete changes of clothes, for your day at work/school you will need approximately one change of clothes

“But I don't HAVE Bike Buckets”

ok thats just lame. For less than $10 you can make a pair of buckets (DIY instructions coming soon); for less than the cost of a tank of gas you could buy a pair of buckets, a basket, or a rear rack.

or . . .

Depending on how prim and proper you need to look, you could also carry a change in your bag or back pack

or . . .

You can keep changes of clothes at work/school. Hang a garment bag on the back of your office door or in your locker.

or . . .

For that matter you can reconsider whether you need a change of clothes: I rarely bother with a change of clothes. I wear light layers, adjusting so that I feel just a wee bit cool as I ride, and find that I generally don't break a sweat. Use antiperspirant, and keep some on hand at work/school as well.

You can do this , people!

"Looking prim and propper in rout to work"
(photo credit: Community Cycling Center's Worst Day of The Year Ride)


Tanya said...

For most people I know the excuse they use is they would arrive too sweaty. (ie sweatier than just changing clothes would fix). Also the "traffic will kill me" seems to be a popular one and its hard to counter because the roads in a big city will be scary until you have some practice/confidence at it.

griffin said...

You make a good point, although getting sweaty hasn't been an issue for me as long as I don't over-layer, everyone's body chemistry is different. For some people getting a membership at a gym or other facility at/near work might be an option. At the university I attend students have access to a locker room with showers, but I pass several gyms on my way through down town, so I know that office folks could, for a fraction of the cost of gas, have access to showers, lockers and changing facilities.

I plan to post on riding “the mean streets” soon

Thanks for the comment, love your blog!

zilla said...

Anyone ever hear of a "whore's bath?" All you need is a bar of soap and a sink.

My dentist, during the summer months, bikes to work. The distance is well over ten miles one way.

Excuses, excuses! :-)

griffin said...

"A Whores Bath" I love it! IMNSHO, if your basic personal higiene program is working fer ya, cycling to and from work/school should not be an issue. I tend to dress so that I feel just slightly underdressed for the weather as I head out, just a tad cold,, so I dont overheat as I ride.
But, really, it comes tot his: if want to do it, you will do it, if you are looking for excuses you will find them