New Bike Buddies Program!

Just came across this amazing new on
The long awaited Bike Buddy program has just been officially launched here in my home town, by local non-profit neighborhood community organization by Southeast Uplift.

Modeled after similar programs in other states, the Bike Buddy Program will match experienced bicyclists with people who would like to bike more but feel a need for guidance, mentoring, or just strength in numbers. Bike Buddies will learn the best routes around town, the safest ways to cross the river, and other tips to make riding more safe and enjoyable

This program will be a tremendous resource for less confident bicyclists, and those who wish to be cyclist, but find the process of getting started daunting. At present, the plan is start the program in a limited area, conduct evaluations, then secure funding to take the project citywide. By this time next year we could have Bike Buddies in every neighborhood across our fair city! You can bet that could reduce Portlands oil use by 4%!!

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