Burried in a Bounty from the Garden

I know it's wrong to boast, I do. It's not my intention to brag, but when one comes in from the garden baring the kind bounty I brought into mine this evening. Well, surely I can be forgiven just a bit of crowing?

I have been struggling all season with keeping up with the weeding, and thus learning the hard way how important it is to keep up with the weeding. Failing to do so was making my harvests disappointingly small and infrequent, as I have been catching up the yields have improved, and this evening when I went out: oh what a bounty! Bushels of fingerling potatoes, heaps of carrots and parsnips, a dizzying array of heirloom tomatoes, and gorgeous sweet peppers, even the ample proportions of my beautiful new garden trug were challenged to hold it all!

It was all so wonderful I just had to include as many as possible in tonights meal. The Boy and are recovering from being up late at the LAN party, and are schedules are out of whack, so we had a late super of wild rice roasted root vegetables in maple syrup --a delecacy that I normally only make at holidays. The tomatoes and peppers will be used to make pasta sauce, we are still experimenting with recipes

The Boy is not as excited as I am about the veggie bonanza, when I called in from the garden to announce the bounty, he responded in the most delightfully droll little deadpan. “I'm happy for you.” He's funny, that son of mine. But I had the last laugh when I dished up a nice big helping of veggies!

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