Tech Support, Please!

So, much as I love this free blog-osphere resource, I find their customer service somewhat lacking, so I turn to you, the wonderful bloging communiuty. Heres what I need

For all the time I have had this blog, my list of favorite books on my profile has not appeare online. It comes up when I go to edit my profile, I filled in my lengthy list of books I love, but it doesnt show up when one views my profile. Any thoughts?

I have been having a problem adding links on the sidebar, they keep appearing with bullets, which I wish they would not, and the deviders between catagories have a tendency to disappear. What do I do?

I would love any input you all might have


Erin said...

Oh I know I know I know! I just don't know if I can explain it very well. In HTML, a bulleted list will be between these tags < ul>< /ul> with each bulleted item being between these tags: < li>< /li>

Get rid of those tags, you'll get rid of your bullets.

The favorite books, I'm a bit confused. You mean the list in your profile? Or have you been trying to add them here on your blog? If you mean here, and they just don't show up, it's because you've inserted the list in a place that makes it not work, try moving the list around.
The dividers... um... let me just look through your code a bit and work on it, maybe I can fix it for you...

Erin said...

hahah ignore the babble, and I'll email you in a few minutes

griffin said...

Hi Erin, good to hear from you! Thanks for all the info, the bullet explanation makes sense.
The book thing is a real mystery, I save it, in my profile, along with the movies, etc. and I can read it when I go into 'Edit Profile' but it does not appear when others view my profile. It's just wierd.
Thanks for the eail, I'm gonna try your suggestions and see what comes of it.

griffin said...
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Rebecca said...

Heh, I went into my template and fooled around with the formatting to remind myself how to make the bullets go away, remembered about the tags, and came back to tell you, only to discover someone else already had.

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for the past month... I just haven't been online much lately.

zilla said...

I see you succeeded in getting the moon phase thingy up! Sounds like Erin is Johnny-on-the-spot with the rest of your glitches, so I'll just skidaddle off to another post :-)

griffin said...

thanks to everyone --especially Erin, for your amazing and informitive tech support. I am not very "geekie", so it is great to have this community of support!
Now that I have my dividers wrangled, I just gotta figure out what links I want in what sections! Thanks again!!