five things

I have been cought in the "5 Things" ring, here goes

5 Things…..
In my fridge:
Several variations on the theme of pasta left overs (The Boy's one and only food group)
Rice milk
an absence of eggs, Ester is still in mourning
greens from the garden
a growing collections of sauces, dressings and other "topping" (a dozen or so, so far) perchased in the hope that they would make greens from the garden palatable for an 11 year old Boy

In my Backpack:
Package of stinging nettle seeds
a copy of 'How Would A PAtriot Act?' by Glenn Greenwald
Burts Bees lipsticks in Fig and Latte
My new favorite travel mug (from by Marshal Coffee Peoples) for java on the go without the packaging
Herbal preperation for the "twing" in my leg I got in Yoga class
DVDs that I forgot to return to Movie Maddness (again oy vey) [titles "Yes Men" and "Do I love You?"

In my Armoir:
Big red umbrella The Boy and I bought when we first went car-free and found ourselves cought in a monsoon
Organizational devices, still in their original packaging, waiting for me to have the time and energy to set them up and get organized.
Box of stuff that has been waiting to go to Good WIll for a couple months now
A flannel shirt, not my own, that I can not bare to ware or give away (reminds me of that play "The Wool Gathers")

In my car?! yeah right In My Bike Buckets
Bike tools
Maps (several times I have had the delight of meeting tourests who were looking for one location or the other, who I was able to help because of these maps. What a treat, that never happens when you are driving!)
Books from the library, ready to be returned (on time no less!)
Bungie cords, for strapping stuff onto the wrack or on top of the bike buckets
Duck tape (dont leave home without it)

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