A Bevey of Blogs

I have been coming across cool new blogs faster than I can link to them! I am also swamped here at the moment with too many commitments (I am sooooo talented when it comes to over-commiting!) SO heres some good reading while I'm away.

although not really about sustainability or cycling, An Accident of Hope is a delicious, honest, and wonderful chronicle that illustrates just how universal love, parenting and relationship issues are, regardless of the context. You dont have to be a mama or part of a 'non-traditional family' to appreicate her insights --if you are anything like me you may find youself cringing at how close to home some of her epiphanies hit!
Perhaps because parenting is feeling like a real challenge right now, I was delighted to discover The Crazy Hip Mamas Web Ring, great stuff!

Oil Is For Sissies is brillient and insightful --and also includes plenty of other cycling and peak oil links

see ya all when (if) I dig myself out from under all this


zilla said...

Love those Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. You joining?

It's so cool that you've added the moon phase gardening tips under your moon phase calendar! Love it!

griffin said...

Thanks, my first thought when I saw the moon phase calendar on your site was 'wow-great tool for biodynamic gardening!'
I love the updates to your site as well,--and look, theres your beautiful face!

Arnt those Hip Mama blogs somthing?! I love knowing that I am not the only one.