Making Art, Friends, and Ends-Meet

When I am not saving the world, attending classes, nurturing the garden or raising the most amazing boy in the world, I create art. This week I spent Tuesday and Wednesday exhibiting and selling my work at a prominent annual art show. It was amazingly wonderful event.

Cracked Pots, the group who put on the show, is a group of local artists (including myself) who work with recycled and reclaimed materials to create garden art. Everything at the show contained at least 90% recycled or reclaimed material, in some cases the recycled content is pieced together to create mosaics or bird houses, in other cases reclaimed glass or metal is melted down to create something new. For this years event I created hummingbird feeders from antique bottles and wire reclaimed from old power cords. It is so inspiring. In addition to being very inspiering, it was an all to rare opportunity for me to socialize with grown up kindred spirits.

I had hoped to sell enough to buy the Bike Blender outfit, a feat that would have required a small miracle. I didnt make that much, but still did far better than I had expected too (hope and expectation: not the same thing), enough to cover the cost of being there, buy groceries,and even pay some bills. Not as exciting as buying a bike blender, and yet there is something uniquely satisfying about paying bills with money earned from art. It sure beats starving, no honor in starving, and we were about out of everything, including cash, before I went to the show.

I also had one of the most satifying barter experiences I think I have ever had. Another artist and I had been admiering eachothers work, we had this whole mutual admeration society thing going, so at the end of the show, I sidled over and asked if there might be the possibility of a trade: she was so delightfully excited, it was just wonderful. For me, there is no higher complement than having another artist want to give me their art in exchange for mine. It just doesnt get any better than that for me. And it was so clear that both she and I were going to cherish and prize eachothers work. That is how I got my new garden trug, fashoned from reclaimed wood, beautifully crafted by the hands of an artist. I have been wanting something proper with which to gather my gardens bounty, and now I have it


zilla said...

Congratulations on both the sales and the barter!

Rebecca said...

That's so cool! After listening to a depressing TV program about global warming for several hours this afternoon (my dad turned the volume up loud and I couldn't seem to escape) I needed something like that to perk me up. Congratulations!

griffin said...

Thanks, gal, it really was amazing.
Global warming is an important topic --and we sure have had savage proof of it here lately, but ya cant let yourself collaps under the weight of it. Gotta smell the flowers, admire the recycled art, and follow a better path to a better future.

fineartist said...

What a unique and beautiful feeder. I love it.

I also love that you use things that are usually discarded to create your work.

Rock on with your artistic self.