This Just In: Wicked Cool Bike Lights!

I am not big on consumer products, but there are a few things, like helmets, rain gear and lights, that you just cant do without. In my not-so-humble opinion, this is just such an item: If Martha and Oprah can publish lists of favorite things, why not me.

Reelights have a self-contained electrical system, utilizing LEDs and high-power neodymium magnets. My 11 year old son could explain bout magnets and power generation, but he does not have a blog. It has something to do with electromagnetic induction principle. What I can tell you is that these bike lights are designed to deliver their own energy source. There is no friction involved, as there is with traditional tire mounted generators. Owing to the magnet set up. the lights flash, like stobe lights. By adding additional magnets, one chan can change the speed at which they flash.

The self-contained energy system allows the lights to be on day and night at no extra cost to the user, while increasing visibility and reducing the odds of an accident. Durability trials involving 2000 bicycles were conducted, over a period of 12 months, including harsh salt spray tests and other adverse conditions. The results confirmed that Reelight's quality, reliability and safety.

We have all found ourselves with a malfunctioning light or flat batteries (it happened to me just a few nights ago, and not for the first time) No batteries ever, no generator rubbing your wheel, totally sealed unit.. brilliant.

According to their website, research in Europe has shown that these lights:

Provide 20% decreased accident probability
Lifelong electrical power – no batteries
Conform to most standards and legal requirements
Are easily mounted on all standard bicycles


Jeff said...

Thanks for the tip! I've always hated the idea of something rubbing my wheel. I take pride in meticulous bike setup to avoid unnecessary friction! And dealing with batteries...yuk!

Dan said...

I've had a set of these since March, and they are working great. I often forget that they are there until it gets dark.

griffin said...

I am so excited to hear that, a bunch of us here are going in on a bulk order and I just cant wait!
I agree that having some clunky thing rubbing and dragging on the tire is just not fun: been there, done that :)