How We Get There Matters

IT'S CAR FREE DAY!! And the good news is anything your car can do, your bike can do better!

You can shop by bike

You can whip up breakfast on the go on your bike

You can pick up the kids with your bike

You can go camping by bike

You can get married on a bike

You can move house by bike, especially if you have cycling buddies

You can take your pets to the vet by bike

You can do things your mother would NEVER apporve of

You can create a world of difference


wisteria said...

I haven't touched my car today!

Thanks for the nudge.

griffin said...

you rock my world! :)

zilla said...

I still haven't driven today. I'm getting the itch, because I didn't drive yesterday either, and I really need to get out of the house!!! Arrrrrgh!

griffin said...

Sounds like somebody needs a good bike! :)

Curt said...

That's awesome! Can you imagine huge bicycle traffic jams on 26? "Uh, the bikes are backed up to Cornell Road today..." :-)

Really funny stuff. And a very fine point.

griffin said...

"You'll want to avoid the area around First Congregational, as there is a lengthy cycle-funeral procession approaching the church this morning . . . "

now that what I'm talking about: the futures' so bright I gotta wear shades!

cyclingdave said...