How To Spend the Holidays?

For a number of reasons, all of which seem perfectly well reasoned and rational at the moment (and will almost certainly seem wrong headed and optuse down the road) I am planning on spending the majority of the official, judio-christan holidays with The Boy's paternal relitives. Kinda ironic that the first year I feel like I have a choice and I am choosing the status quo.

Although I am planning to spend this year largely following these familiar patterns, I am also looking for new and different ways of celebrating the season. It has been over a decade since I was able to plan a holiday observance according to my own whims, so I am not even sure where to begin. So far, what passes for my plan is to start incorperating celebrations that do not fall on the legal holidays: Solstice, Saternalia, perhpas a feast on the date of the Canadian Thanksgiving in October, ect. Since the extended family does not celebrate these, I could share those observances with friends, and plan them any way I like. My hope is that spinkling these celebrations around my family obligations will make the whole season more "festive" for me, and with liuck I could use these observances to begin crafting my own celebrations of the season.

SO, what I want to know from all of you is this: what are your winter traditions and observances? How do you celebrate the season, do you have things you do as a family unit, or even on your own, seperate from the hustle and bustle of official observances with extended family? Do you celbrate non traditional (or non American) holidays? If so, how do you observe them? Click the "comments" link to spend yer 2 cents here! :)

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