Considering Xtracycling

I have been brainstorming about ways to further reduce my fossil fuel use and energy consumption. Although it has been about a year since I gave up my car, I still participate in a car share program, and use a car for one massive shopping trip each month. I have been eying a used Xtracycle , similar to the one in the photo above (the girl and fruit do not come standard) for some time, and it has occurred to me recently that much of the driving I do is done because I need to transport items that are too large or bulky to go on my bike, an Xtracycle would fix that, and allow me to do all my shopping by bike (in this scenario I would doubtless move to weekly, rather than monthly, shopping trips). It would also allow me to start that Bike Powered Smoothie business I have been toying with (the blender in the photo is powered by the bike). All of which assumes I am strong enough and motivated enough to actually use the Xtracycle instead of the car . . . hmmmn

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