Join the revolution that started in Toronto and is spreading fast: the last Friday of each month and every month folks everywhere are ditching their cars and taking to the streets by bike and on foot, to do what needs to be done without burning fosil fuel!
Here in Portland, Oregon, SHIFT2BIKES hosts a free breakfast on the Hawthorn & Brodway Bridges for cyclist crossing into the downtown core between 7 and 9am.

The breakfast features coffee donated by our friends at Nossa Familia, fuit donated by Pioneer Organics, and pastries donated by a variety of local bakeries. Many bike commuters have come to rely on the hot coffee and delicious pastries on their way to work -- all free, so theres no conflict with Buy Nothing Day!
Stop by and join us if you are in the neighborhood!

Photos taken at the October Breakfast on the Bridges event, by the marvelous Mr.Maus over at Many more great shots can be seen there, along with all the regional bikey news


zilla said...

Okay, I'll agree to buy nothing today. It's not going to help my town be any less sucky, but it will give me some personal satisfaction. My town is sucky for its lack of cool ecologically inspired events. Other than that, it's an okay town.

We had a mostly locally grown T-giving, btw, because BLP is naturally "like that." Our chiropractor raised the turkey, the sides were all grown on local organic farms, and the pies I brought were about 50/50 -- all organic ingredients, but not all grown locally -- I don't know where the spelt flour or the wheat flour came from. I took locally grown wines, too. Big fun and very feel-goody day.

griffin said...

Sweet! I love hearing about locally grown celebrations!

For the love of The Boy I agreed to be a passenger in a car Wednesday(at least we were carpooling) so that he could spend the holiday with his whole family, however screwed up we may be (most of them live outta town, and I am not up to 50= mile bike commutes)

Enjoy kickin back and buying nothing today, I'm thinkin that just the fact that you live there means your town must be cool ;)

Joe (BikingToronto) said...

Thanks for the BikeFriday linklove. :) Here in Toronto we have a local business hosting a Bikers Breakfast at one of their stores, modelled on the Breakfast on the Bridges concept... and we have some bridges in Toronto (we have lots of ravines) that I'd love to get breakfasts happening on! :)

griffin said...

That is SO awesome that you have breakfast for bikers as well! I think it makes a real difference, especially in the winter months, how cool that you have a business helping out with that! I have this fantasy of getting the whole cost, from the Yukon down to Southern California, doing BikeFriday ~just imagine the impact that would have. It could be huge! I had had a similar idea, for promoting a monthly or weekly bike commute challenge, right about the time I found out what you were doing with BikeFriday. I don't care who had the idea first: it is brilliant and it is powerful!
Thanks for all you are doing "up north"