Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Last winter was exrordinarily wet, but no where near this cold! It's not even really winter yet, and already we are have crazy-low tempetures, especially early in the morning as I cross over the river in route to school. Hurteling over the fridged water, fully exposed to the wind, one gets the full effect of the chill. We have had more rain during the past few days than we had all last month Definely gonna need more wool! The photo below is from the evening news, floodwaters have resulted in salmon swimming up bike lanes, rather than up stream! I have heard that some folks put there bikes away for the winter when the weather gets like this. Hmmn. Something about recent news reports about Oregon's air keep me peddling on.


Rain said...

You live in such a lovely part of the country, it's crazy that your gasoline is less regulated. I learned something by reading this, I thought all gasoline was the same throughout the USA.

Jeff said...

Strange weather this year! I live just a few hundred miles to the south of you, and it has been unseasonably warm here, even riding in shorts and short sleeves on some days.

Strange that the progressive northwest has lesser air restrictions!

zilla said...

Your commitment level never ceases to amaze me. Our bikes aren't put up yet, but they will see little use over the next few months. We're increasing our efforts to combine family errands and hoping for a C-/D+.

Mr Z just finished reading Paul Roberts "The End of Oil" and declared the situation hopeless. He never uses words like hopeless.

griffin said...

Hi Rain, it is an amazing part of the world, here in the Pacific North West, and it is kinda funny that, now that I am not driving, I am learning all this stuff about gas and internal combustion and what not. I suspect we will all be learning a lot in years to come.
Yeah, Jeff, I think the word is "climate change, and it is weird.
Zilla, your ongoing commitment to a better world impresses me as well, and in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that my bus boycott has largely fallen through, and I do occationally accept rides from friends.

Curt said...

Very interesting article from The Oregonian and I'm glad you took the opportunity to highlight it. I am in utter disbelief that a city like Portland and a state like Oregon would put up with such seems that public awareness is all that is missing.

Good luck keeping dry...I have been watching the weather reports from the NW with great interest---I miss Oregon already but I can't say I'm sorry to be skipping out on this season! In contrast, the weather in Alabama is crazy warm for this time of year. Wonder why? Just kidding. Well, the warmth here is pleasant for the purposes of the average person but for the farmers it has been disconcerting to say the least.