Weekend Update

I had intended to post updates on my various cycling and sustainability projects early this week, but then a big ugly SUV plowed through a red light and into me, which has thrown the schedule off a little

Sustainable Eating
Work began on our new improved Poultry Palace last weekend, and continues. We had ducks last year,but had not realized that predators lurk in even the most developed and urban of environments. Not sure whether it was raccoons or feral pets that got them, but we lost them last fall and have not wanted to get more without the ability to protect them from all comers.

We have missed having fresh, organic, cruelty free eggs, as well as the pest control and free fertilizer that egg-layers provide, and our timing in raising our own couldn't be better: the last local organic family poultry farm in our area just “closed it's coops” (they are shifting to other crops and critters), so our only options for store bought eggs will be conventional, cruelty-intensive varieties, or eggs shipped in from large scale facilities hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Not sure what varieties of poultry we will be raising, other than I know we will have quail because my son brought home a pair quail chicks from the feed store earlier this week(long story, don't ask). We are considering the addition of ducks, as we just loved the Cambells that we had last year, as well as Bantams.

In The Garden
Well, ok, sadly not much is happening in the garden, this is perhaps the area where I am most behind in my chores, but every surface in my home is covered with starts urging me on, anxious to be transplanted. The Boy and I are planning our biggest garden yet and are eager to see how much of our own food we can grow (he wanted to plant wheat so we could “harvest” our own pasta)

Mama Called Doctor and The Doctor Said . . .
Went to my first ever Chiropractor appointment following my run-in with SUVman: apparently I drink too much coffee, don't get enough sleep, and take care of everyone other than myself, so clearly my mama credentials are firmly intact.

All that aside, there is damage from the accident, but nothing permanent. Rather than years of physical therapy, I'm just looking at months of Chiro, massages and hot tub soaks. It could have been so much worse.

The Bike Lives!
The genius mechanics at City Bikes somehow managed, without Kings Horses, Kings Men, or even a King's ransom, to put my bike together again! Many parts were replaced, but it is back good as new, and I hope to be soon as well. I took the bike out for a brief ride, still feeling a bit shaky, but all the better for being back in the saddle. I definitely feel safer, and better on a bike.

War -UH!- What Is It Good For . . .
This weekend marks the 3rd anniversery of the war in Iraq, marches are planned in nearly every part of America today and Sunday. Thomas Jefferson said that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. I would go further, and say that without, without the freedom to express dissent, we are not patriots, we are not Americans.
One more quote before you head out into the streets, from Ed Murrow: "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it . . . We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home".
Thats the update, now lets get out there.

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