Snow Day

Ah, I had such plans for today: I was going to get the chicken coop finished so we can once again have "home fresh eggs" and organic pest control in the garden, I was actually going to get work don putting in the garden, and I was going to going to get some riding in. But I woke this morning to a winter wonderland.

The rows of starts coving the kitchen table, arching toward the light as starts do, look as if they are peering out the window at the snow. Not yet my dearies, cant go out now.

So, the boy and I headed out for some provisions, as the light flurries turned to a cacophony reminiscent of a child's snow globe. We gathered supplies and hustled home through the "blizzard" and have currled up on the bed with warm drinks, our two cats, and good stories.

I suppose I could take the opportunity to write my Final paper, but instead am boning up on permaculture principles and planning the spring garden. Spring is right around the corner, after all.

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