Hey Mikey -he wont eat it!

Another day, another trip to the Chiropractic clinc -SUVman is going to make them rich, which is only right and proper.

I was tired enough on the way home with my son that, while we were making a quick stop at the store, I started to reach for a boxed instant pasta dinner thing --hey, it was organic! My son wrinkled his nose and said "Mom, that has fake powdered 'cheese' that when you mix it up looks like fondue, thats not real food." oy vey, thats what I get fer raising him right!

Had to share this photo, taken yesterday, of my lovely and amazing bike with the buckets, leaving the farmers market loaded with yummy organic groceries and veggie starts for the garden

Wednesdays Ride: 2 miles
Cumulative Bike Miles Since Febuary 1st: 153
Cumulative Cycling Expenses: $40
Cumulative Cost per Mile: $0.26


Darren J said...

Nice load there! How did you find riding your bike with that much weight on the front?

griffin said...

hey there!
The load wasn't too bad, I can feel the difference, but it's subtle. I find that I am getting into the habit of picking up a few things here and there, in rout to other things, rather than doing one massive shopping trip a week as I used to do when I used a car. Wednesdays are still my main shopping day, because of the Farmers Market, but there I am mostly getting produce and dry pasta, which does'nt make for too bad a load.

wisteria said...

My children are like that. I sometimes wish I could just sling some sliced meat and cheese on some white bread and call it lunch. I have been baking our bread for six years and the children don't want anything else. They read every label. Food is not simple, but it is good.