Sidecar Update

Having gotten the important pieces bolted down, I couldn't resist taking the sidecar out for a test drive.
The Boy took one look at it and declared "I am NOT getting in that!" Not sure if it was the fact that it is still a flatbed shell of a thing, just a bit more substance than idea at this point; or if it is that he has always been the "grown up" in the family. Anyway, I tossed a bag of compost on the side car for balast, and took it out for a spin. Heres where we are at:

* It has the turning radius of a tank

* The side car has a tendency to "push" the bike towards the curb (away from the side car)

* The outside wheel of the sidecar has a tendency to lift up off the pavement

I am not an engineering genius, and am hoping someone out there is and can offer some feedback.
I wonder if, in my concern about attaching the sidecar securely, that I have made the connection too ridged? Right now the front of the side car attaches to the bike frame with a standard Burley trailer hitch, the back attaches to the back of the Xtracycle frame through a pipe inserted into the Xtracycle frame, with the other end bolted to the back of the sidecar.
The sidecar is on the left side of the bike, and turning right is difficult.


steve said...

My guess is having three wheels at the back is forcing it to track off in unintuitive directions; a quick google around came up with this page and this page that would tend to confirm it. Maybe if you could figure out a way to drop out the central wheel it might steer a little better... I think The Boy can't be blamed for his opinion though!

I think you might be better off with a sociable (upright or recumbent), but they're not exactly common and you'd probably be looking at a custom build as the cheapest way to get ahold of one, unfortunately...

Kyr said...

Thanks for the tips, and no, I dont blame the Boy at all, the sidecar will be better with a box. The sociables look very cool, though what I _really_ want is one of those Dutch cago bikes that has a box in front, but they run about $30,000.
I had wondered if the middle wheel was the problem, I'll drop it out, see what happens, and report back ;)
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

hey kyr, a really dope sidecar would need to pivot so you could freely lean the bike. but there are some other things that might help a bit too. google "xtracycle sidehack" or just check out what another user did with his:


Tuco said...

I am the farthest thing in the world from an engineering genius, but you have my sincere best wishes that you can that thing working smoothly!
: )