Weekend Update, ect.

Oy, why does life not come with an instruction manual? Because I love you, I will skip most of the trials, tribulations and transitions of my life at the moment and skip to the fun stuff.
Last weekend The Boy and I went to an amazing cycling event put on by Shift2Bikes , a cool local bike advocacy and activity leauge.
and had all kinds of crazy fun! They had an Eating By Bike relay, that was just a hoot, and a Bike Derby that The Boy wanted to enter until he saw it -there were water balloons and over-ripe produce involved, along with some of the most "assertive" cycling I've ever seen!

They also had a home-made version of the bike-powered smoothie blender I have been thinking about! The Boy and I got the first 2 smoothies of the day, and I got to pick their brain for ideas. They only do it for fun, at occasional events, but still had good insights and ideas --and even better, are willing to lend me their bike-smoothie mobile! I have plans to be pedaling juice at an event next month, and we'll see how it goes.

The thing about both house work and yard work is you knock yourself out doing it, and then it just needs to be done all over again! This house I live in, that for years I have lamented was too too small, with an equally too small yard, has somehow evolved into a palatial estate of epic proportions, and not only that, we got fairy tale weeds: brambles and vines that envelope all structures over night and reach the heavens by dawn. Any minute some giant is gonna climb down and ask for Jack. Since last finals week I have alternately had a gorgeous yard or a tidy house, but never both, and never for long. I want farm hands! House cleaning robots! A wife!

I ran into a friend who is a local business owner, and chatted with her a bit about my idea for the bike blender smoothies. She actually thought it was a good idea that could actually work, I was a little surpised, in part I guess because it alll started as what I thought of as a crazy scheme to earn some summer money without actually haveing to get a 'real' job. Who knows, it might just work out.


zilla said...

Glad you updated!

Too bad we're not geographical neighbors. I'd come pull some weeds and hang some laundry on the line for you. The awful thing about housework and yard work really is that it all gets "undone," but the odd thing is, it's more fun to do chores at someone else's house than at your own.

Hang in there, woman! And be sure to let us know how the smoothie pedaling goes!

griffin said...

isnt that so true, about it being more fun to help others do their chores/ A friend of mine used to have this informal collective of friends in her area who would rotate between eachothes homes helping out with whatever needed done; one week they would all go to one 'members' house and help paint the pourch, the next week they would go to another house and help pull weeds. A brillient system that I hope to replicate here
As soon as some of the more hairy dramas in my life settle a bit I hope to finish the biz plan for the smoothy bike gig, I think it could be a blast, and possibly even lucrative