Garden of Earthly Delights

Today was my fist day of Summer Vacation, and I had hoped to get out for a ride; but, alas, the day was dark and wet and rainy. After puttering around indoors for much of the day, there was finally a break in the weather in the late afternoon and I made it outside at last.
Once in the garden I discovered a veritable Smorgishboard of snap peas, lettuces, broccoli, figs and raspberries! The very first crop of raspberries! The bushes were planted a couple years ago, but --as is common-- it took some time for the first crop to come in, and now it is here! I have been feasting on them all evening: I feel as if I have never taisted them before --berries fresh off the bush taist nothing like the ones in stores!
It was as though the garden were celebrating the end of the school term with me, and welcoming me home.


zilla said...

Mmmm. Raspberries! Figs? You can grow those there? Why did I assume figs are tropical?

griffin said...

I always thought of figs as tropical too, but there are big, lush healthy fig trees all over Portland --it's like a miricle!!
Mine gives _two_ crops each year!

Theres this house I pass sometimes in rout to school that has some kind of citris tree in their fron yard! I cant tell what kind because they have it tented in plastic and an extention cord leading into it for the heat lamp. Thats just excessive.