Our First "Century"!

OK, it's not as though I rode it all in one sitting or whatever, and yet I am ridiculously proud of the fact that I have clocked my first century! Almost exactly a month ago I was in the worker-owned bike collective buying my beautiful and amazing Montana, because I knew the 50 year old beach cruiser I had previously been tootling around on was not going to take me where I wanted to go: to a new level of commitment to simple, sustainable living! Since then The Boy and I have braved the wettest January in 36 years and the coldest February in years, gone to the movies, grocery shopping and school by bike, we have done the Spring Water Corridor and an 18 mile benefit ride (that was all in one sitting! eeek). And along the way we have figured out that life is just plane better on two wheels, which is good, because after reading this article on the awesome blog spot The MinusCar Project I may never set foot inside a car ever again as long as I live

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