A Fine Madness

Well, blame it on the endophines, blame it on Olympic fever, who knows; In any event mysterious forces conspired and I found myself registering for a cycling event, an 18 mile ride --taking place this Sunday.

Although I have been cycling recreationally, off and on, for a couple years, I took most of this past winter off and am ridiculously out of shape. But the event, "The Worst Day of The Year Ride", is a benefit for the Community Cycling Center, a local non-profit that provides year-round, hands-on bicycle programs for low-income youth and adults. So my natural inclination towards being a bleeding heart liberal do-gooder, combined with my love of a good challenge and my penchant for doing things the hard way are coming together in this fit of madness.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the woman who huffs and puffs her rout to school, and so far has never cycled more than a dozen miles in any given trip is goin for it!
And here the blog plot thickens:

* Can she do it? Will she make it to the finish line?

* Will it end in euphoria or agony?

* Will she die of a coronary?

Tune in for the climactic ending!

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