The B3 is Here!

I have been so busy with school and life and all that, that I have had no time to read blogs, let alone post in mine, but I just had to share the good news, my B3 is here! After due consideration and pondering of the possibilities, I am moving forward with this idea of creating a part time summer income from bike-powered smoothies and libations.

Rather ironic, then, that the B3 arrived during a freak snow storm (not exactly smoothie weather). Undaunted, I assembled the blender and set up a blending station on my front porch, where, in addition to smoothies, I have been using it to blend home-made soups! I have also been adding to my collection of books on making cocktails and mixed drinks ~sure to keep a soul warm on a winters evening!

The B3 is elegant in it's simplicity and cleverness of design: unlike the bike blender I used at last summers Geek Fair, the B3 is direct drive ~you dont mess around with generating electricity, the turning of the rear wheel turns the blender blade. It's just that simple. Shifting your bikes gears allows you to adjust the effort it takes to whip up treats, and the 'Rock Sturdy' stand that elevates the rear wheel while blending is SO sturdy that you couldnt flip your bike even if you wanted too. With just a few turns of the nuts, the direct drive gizmo can be swivled away from the wheel to allow you to peddal off into the sunset.

I have always loved throwing parties and cooking for people, which has lead to a wealth of experience in food service and catering. What I didnt know until recently is that private bartenders in this area command an impressive hourly income ~and thats without a B3 to mix the magarittas. Given Portland's thriving cycling community and environmental conscience, pedal powered libations could potentially be more lucrative than being a therapist ~especially during our increasingly hot summers~ at the very least, it could support me while I get my therapist credentials.

I have been kicking around some ideas for business names, and think I have settled on 'Sprocket Smoothies' I would welcome any thoughts or ideas about the venture; and, if you in town, stop by and I'll whip up some hot buttered rum batter! ;)


zilla said...

I like "Sprocket Smoothies!" It has quite a ring to it!

Good luck with this endeavor.

zilla said...

PS: If you're whipping up margaritas and the like, you can call 'em Smocket Sproothies."


griffin said...

I'm thinkin buttered rum and coctails in the winter and at parties; smoothies, dips and pesto at events like earthday. I was concerned that "Sproket Smoothies" didnt cover the fact of the mixed drinks and all, but you make a good point: add enough alcohol and people dont much care what you call your business, as long as you keep pouring!

cyclingdave said...

pedal power. no limits to the miracles it can produce!

Anonymous said...

more like "smrocket spoothies" if you're adding alcohol... ;)

Ethan said...


You really should set up shop at Earthday this year.

steven said...

I just found out about this amazing blender, and I was also thinking about making smoothies for festivals, farmer's markets, etc. How are you dealing with cleaning and health department rules?

Kyr said...

We had an absolute blast at the Earthday event (before getting rained out), and are looking forward to handing out smoothies in Pioneer Square on Bike To Work Day *May 16th*.
The B3 is a great 'magnet' for drawing people together and starting the conversation about alternatives to the status quo, the Health Department regulation, however, at least in our fare city, have so far made fairs and other public events unprofitable.
Requirements will vary from one city to another, so it is hard to say how it would work for you, and I have not given up on the notion yet. At this point, however, I am finding that the money lies in private parties, where there are fewer requirements and restrictions.

I gotta say, the B3 is worth it, just for the fun of it!