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So heres how it works:
List six weird things about yourself. Strange habits, likes/dislikes, et cetera.
Pick six victims to tag likewise. Leave comments so they’ll know what’s up.
Describe how the tagging works.
I am tagging cyclingdave, John at Bike Year, Wisteria, Trista at Accedent of Hope, Tuco, Tim at Bicycles and Iceicles

For reasons I will spare y'all, I am stuck on the notion of irony and inconsistency, and this is reflected in my list o'six. Can I just say that inconsistency is not the same as irony, nor are ether the same as inequity. People are forever wanting life to be fair (equitable), which it has never been; and for humans to be consistent, which they never have been. Thats not ironic, thats just how it is.

But I digress

Weird things about me, oh my, how to choose?

Although I am a dyed in-the-wool, bleeding heart, tree hugging, rabble-rousing left-wing nut; in high school I had a mad crush on William F. Buckley Jr. (I was in high school a VERY long time ago) The first time I ever saw him, before I knew anything about him, he was speaking on Public Television and taking a passionate stand for being able to back up one's opinions with reason and insight. He was saying, in essence, “don't hold strong opinions about issues if you cant defend them” (although he said it far more eloquently) Even after I found out he was an uber conservitive Rebublican, there was just something about his stinging intelect, and in the fact that he stood for everything I apposed, and yet we held this core value in common, that I found strangely compelling. Ironically, I would later marry someone with whome I shared basic likes and interests, but did not share core values. Perhaps I should have stuck it out with Buckley.

I have an odd facination about those moments when digital clock reads, for example, 10:10, or 5:55, theres something about the alignment of those digits. The notion of 11:11, November 11th, 2011 [11:11 11/11/11] just does something for me I cant explain. I know, it's weird.

Given my druthers, I would be barefoot 24/7, but if I must don footwear, I tend to go for knee high, lace-up boots. Doc Martins, Combat, shit-kickers. Go figure.

I consider myself very tolerant, I was raised on the credo “I may disagree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”; I am generally open to the myriad ways people choose to live, worship, etc. I have stood by friends during public scandal and Federal trials. But I do not tolerate lies or deception. period.

I am all about eating healthy, local organic food, I alternate between being vegan and vegetarian.
But I have a dark secrete: a fast food fetish. I occasionally get these mad cravings for fast food. When I was pregnant I gave into obsessive urges to eat KFC mashed potatoes and gravy, and to this day, every once in a while, I will pass some greasy spoon and get an overwhelming urge for a cheese burger, fried chicken, or whatever. So far, I have been able to “pedal through it”

I cant sleep unless there is a radio playing NPR in the background. Seriously. Thats not ironic, it's just how it is


cyclingdave said...

the numbers thing i understand, the npr thing i understand, as i do the food thing, the buckley thing is weird, the barefoot/dr martin thing is pretty cool. so much for my attention span, what was six.

very good.

cyclingdave said...

truth and lies. agreed. there can be no other alternative.

griffin said...

The Buckley thing is (was) _uber_ weird, thus it topped the list

btw, I didt realize Rain had already been previously tagged, so . . .

tag, your it!

Snakebite said...

Is that left-wing nut, or, left wing-nut???

cyclingdave said...


gwadzilla said...

everything in moderation...

Curt said...

Thanks so much for playing along! What a neat post...I was especially taken with your fascination with 11:11 on 11/11/11...can't tell you how many times I've thought about that and I've always said 11:11 is my favorite time of day.

Buckley??? I'm buckled over that. ;-)

zilla said...

I'm loving thie meme that Curt started. I love it most of all because, so far, everyone who has participated has shared a weird quality in common with at least one other participant! Is that cool, or what?

I love the Buckley phenom -- it cuts to the core of of character; we don't have to agree on everything, but there's nothing I am more frustrated by than an argument that lacks insight or reason. Without insight or reason, I've got to work too hard to drum up enough respect to keep listening!

11:11 -- had a freakish year during which I was constantly noticing 11:11 on the clock, or having my bill come to $11.11, or receiving $11.11 in change. Discussed it with a woman who had an interest in numerology. Let's just say, when you notice 11:11, take note of what you've been recently (very recently) thinking and doing; an opportunity for growth of some kind has presented itself. ;-)

Bare feet, slipped into clogs, to walk 100 yards, in the snow, to get the mail. I understand the bare feet thing, I do, but I'm much too lazy for lace-up boots.

My secret food fetish isn't fast food; it's Twizzlers. I'm grateful it doesn't happen often ;-)

When I lived with my parents, I needed the radio for sleeping. Now I need comlete darkness and as close to absolute silence as I can get. I tend to meditate myself to sleep these days.

Does the radio keep troublesome thoughts away? Hmmm.

You're not so weird; you rock!

I hope you'll contribute to my cookbook project. I'll be posting more details soon.

Tuco said...

Okay, I've done my six. : )

Plus I drew heavily from your (Griffin) and cyclingdave's blogs this week. : )

griffin said...

thanks for playing along, tuco. I share your reluctance to participate in these chain email things ~but Curt tagged me, and I have so much respect for him and his super cool blog, I would probably do anything he suggested ;)