First Photo of my Miyata & Freeradical

This is fast turning into one of those weeks were things just dont go right, I think I may have to surrender to that. Pretty much everything that could go wrong has, including geek support bailing on me at the 11th hour, meaning that the presentation that I am supposed to be giving tomarrowin one of my classes aint gonna happen, and that is gonna take one hell of a bite out of my grade. And thats just how it is.

One advantage of being a --ahem-- older student is I dont get as bent outta shape about these things they way I used to. I am pissed off, but I also recognize that it is not the end of the world. I also recognize that my really sucky week does not make for good reading. So, instead, I offer this rather silly photo of my Miyata loaded down with --most notably-- an insane amout of strofoam (the kind that comes molded around computers and DVDs for shipping) for an art assigment at school. The bike is flanked by one of the many over-stuffed parking lots at school, filled to the brim with cars that, for the most part, bring single passengers --some of whome doubtless think they need to drive because they need to bring big bulky bags of things, in addition to their textbooks, school supplies, big red umbrella, and so on.


zilla said...

Very cool bike! Glad to see you recycling/reusing styrofoam, too. It's one of the hardest things to get rid of conscientiously around here.

Sarah said...

now that's impressive.

Tuco said...

Just a quick recommendation for you - check this site out:

griffin said...

The styrofoam was collected from Free Geek, who does recycle it (thank goodness!!) But they were thrilled att he idea of my making art out of it (tho my art instructor was not. grr. once again, like Maude, I am ahead of my time)

I got some amazing results woking with strofoam (hope to post photos soon), this could be a whole 'nother way of dealing with the stuff -after all, art is MENT to be eternal!