May is National Bike Month! What a great opportunity to experiment with alternatives to fossil fuel dependent transportation!

In anticipation of this annual event, and in order to avoid shopping on May Day, I went on a massive grocery shopping trip at the end of April, purchasing all the non-perishable food items I will need for the month of May. You should have seen the expression on the checker's face as I rolled up with a shopping cart filled nearly to the point of overflowing with several dozen jars of pasta sauce, pounds of dry pasta, two giant bags of dog food, and so on. I did use a car for this trip, but heres my point: I wont have to drive to the store again all month. I can pick up parishables and treats by bike on my way home in the evenings. You don't have to go to these extremes in order to reduce your driving, planning and grouping the trips for which you really do need a vehicle can allow you to have whole days on end where you don't have to drive at all. One car-free day a week can have an enormous positive impact on the environment, your health, and your budget

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